October 11, 2003

Import Revolution

San Mateo Expo Center

San Mateo, California

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya

Created: 10/10/2003
Last updated: 10/10/2003


The next several pages contain pictures from the actual show itself that went from 4 PM to 11 PM. We were allowed back in at 1 PM for final preparations and detailing before the judging was to start at 3 PM. The show was open to the public at 4 PM.  This page is just stuff from our group...

    This is what ND Auto Care Row looked like with the banner in the front.



My 1995 Twin Turbo

Thanks goes to Sean Wagner, aka WagZ for his hood mirrors. It drew a lot of praise for it's flash and was fairly easy to install and remove.

    My clean, multimedia capable, but stealthy interior.

    My Z and "Mini Z" together.  It was funny how everyone was drawn to my RC car as well as the real thing. The most often heard question for me was, where did you get the RC car and can I get one. Of course, I bought the last one from Kyle at Strictly Z so I don't know if you can still get these.



Chris' Twin Turbo.

    Ashley Powers' DoolZ custom fabricated intake system.

    The endless modification list.



Adam's Twin Turbo


Adam didn't want to blow away the competition so he decided to keep his car closed and locked. ;-P



Glenn's SR20DET powered A-spec Sylvia conversion



Sinat's Project 240SX that is waiting for an RB25DET engine swap.



Anthony's 240SX powered by a turbocharged KA24DE



Chester's VG31 powered 240Z



David's SR20DET powered 240Z

This Bad Boy Won 3rd Place in the Old School Category

Congratulations David!



Kevin's SR20DET powered 510

Chester's Z31 Drag Car

This Monster Won 3rd Place in the Super Performance Category.

Congratulations Chester!



Brian's 350Z


    Kevin, Glenn, Chris, and Chester trying to pass the time.

    The security guard said he wasn't allowed to take pictures with the patrons, but he finally gave in and wanted a picture with this girl.


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